Saturday, February 18, 2017


I traveled from Maragusan, Compostela Valley, then I drop by in San Vicente, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur to visit and have business meeting with the Cooperative Manager last February 16, 2017.

After my meeting, I took an air condition bus bound for Butuan City.   I saw this tall and elderly man with no one beside him.   He looks like an Indian man.  I asked him in visayan language “naa ba kay tapad sir?”  (Is somebody setting beside you sir?) He just responded with sign language to take a sit and I said, thank you.

Without a word, the person next to me looks so serious and doesn’t seem to smile.  I am apprehensive to talk to him from Prosperidad.   And finally this man broke his silence and asked me what place is this?  I replied, this is Bayugan City sir and he got his notebook with a list pointing Bayugan.  Then he asked me again,  how many hours from here to Butuan City?  I told him it’s about an hour.  By the way his name is HARVEY.

So I started to ask him where he came from?   He answered,  I’m from South Africa.  And he traveled from General Santos City, Davao City and now he is bound to Butuan City, then CDO, Ilo-ilo and Manila.  I asked him, what are you doing here, sir?  He said,  I’m here for 2 months’ vacation in the Philippines.  I love the Philippines.  It is a beautiful place.  He is already 63 years old, enjoying his life after retirement.

He then asked me about my work.  I told him,  I am working in National Confederation of Cooperative it is a Federation.  We have plenty of coop members served with our Savings and Credit Information Technology System.  I also told him,  I do part time business.   I’m an International Distributor Royale and our company has a branch also in your place in Nigeria Africa.  He replied, oh that’s great!  He added,  just be careful there are lots of crook also in Africa.

We talked about politics and about our new President Rodrigo Duterte.  Based on my observation, he is a wide reader man.  He seems to know a lot of things.  He then further asks me, what I do aside from my job and part time business?  I told him, we help people also to plan for their future and for their retirement thru Savings and Investments in stock market.  He was fascinated.  He asked me a couple of questions, how we do it?  How we manage it?  And asked me, if I have my own, I told him yes.   I manage my small portfolio just to know what is going on the stock market.

As our conversation goes, I assume that this old retired man sitting next to me is a millionaire guy.  He told me,  I do the same stock market business.  I just asked you how it works in the Philippines.  The way he talks, he still does business now, but enjoying traveling from time to time.

I was glad to met him and shared some ideas.   I learned a lot from him.  He gave me lots of tips in doing business.  We parted ways in Butuan City and I gave him instructions how to take a tricycle to his hotel.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Royale Beauty Lipstick

Royale Beauty Lipstick

A petro chemical free lipstick which moisturizes, nourishes and protects lips, with ingredients and colorants that are carefully selected and widely known to be safe; with natural moisturizers/actives proven to be effective.

With the following natural actives:

Shea Butter
A natural emollient and moisturizer; has a high content of unsaponifiable lipids, cinnamic acid as well as natural phytosterols and tocopherols; derived from totally renewable resources which are safe, non toxic and non irritant; has excellent sensory properties; prevents wrinkle formation and soothes irritated and chapped lips; has a natural UVB protecting and anti inflammatory property.

Grape Seed Oil
Rich in linoleic acid (Omega 6) and contains Vitamin E which are easily absorbed and provides a silky feel on lips and skin.

Vitamin E
An antioxidant and free radical scavenger which retards the ageing process.

A natural sunscreen oil which protects the lips from the sun’s harmful rays

L-Gluta Anti-ageing

Signs of Ageing

· Lines and wrinkles
· Uneven skin texture
· Age spots and blotches
· Increased dryness
· Visible pores
· Uneven skin tone
· Dull skin

It promotes young skin. This premium facial soap contains Glutathione and Alpha Arbutin that even out skin tone and reduce appearance of dark spots. It has Collagen that plumps skin cells to make it firm looking and Shea Butter that nourishes and moisturizes the skin to keep it smooth and soft. The unique blend of these ingredients will keep your skin radiant and younger looking.

Alpha Arbutin

•  The most effective, faster and safer approach to skin lightening. It minimizes liver spots.


• The main building stone found in the connective tissue, supports the physical resistance and elasticity of the skin by its skin identical structure. Additionally it has excellent water retention and anti-wrinkle capacity.

Shea Butter

•  Evens out skin tone.
•  Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue like petroleum, beeswax or mineral oil based products.
•  Moisturizes & protects skin.
•  Does not clog pores.
•  Revitalizes, softens & maintains skin moisture.
•  Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E & F that are some essential Vitamins needed for good skin balance.
•  Penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity.
•  Benefits your skin by keeping it clear & smooth.


For Orders Please Call / Text:  +639989901225

Kojic Papaya Soap

Kojic Papaya Soap

It diminishes dark areas resulting from excessive pigmentation in the skin and may help eliminate freckles, melasma or other pigmentation. It lightens the skin, helps remove pimples, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin by inhibiting melanin formation.



Hi! Im an Acne survivor from the Philippines. It was the beginning of summer this year, when I started to have mild acne. They started as 3-4 bumps on my forehead. As i wanted to see my face clear then, I changed my soap from dove to a carrot soap (kills acne fast). They just dried up fast but made my face really dry and the few small bumps gradually increases. After a week, because acne persevered, I changed my soap from carrot soap to kojie san (whitening soap and anti-acne but very harsh), that is when I started to feel burning sensation in this region of my face. And I was back again to dove. All burning/stinging and itch subsided. But acne was relentlessly colonizing areas of my face. I decided to see my wonderful dermatologist and I went on Differin 0.1% and Benzac(Benzoyl Peroxide) 5% with Cetaphil cleanser and Doxycycline oral for 14 days with her directions. On my fourth week, it made my acne severe. I stopped it. I had enough with all the side effects like dryness, itch, STINGS like shit and burning. I went through major depression because I've been socially withdrawn. There's no guarantee that i will get cleared up if i continued it up to 3 months. My dermatologist prescribed me tretinoin but i know it will irritate so i did not follow her prescriptions because of what she did to my face. But rather, tried something on my own. You know what, i started using Kojic Papaya soap, a product from Royale Business club here in Philippines which is my cleanser morning and night. And in 2 weeks time, all my pimples dried up like crazy and i see no new growths. I swear! I was overwhelmed with the soap because it's very cheap. It cleared up my acne and it lightens my dark spots/acne scars. Im now pimple free and blemish free. Truly amazing! Kojic papaya soap, a product of Royale is just a holy grail after i failed so many tries. I know it might be new to you but it's worth a try.


For Orders:

Please call / text:  +639989001225

L-Gluta Power Soap

L-Gluta Power Soap

Glutathione works in DNA synthesis and repair while Vitamin E reduces the process that can cause wrinkling and age spots. These are the powerful ingredients of L-Gluta Power Soap. It is a body soap that has L-Glutathione and Vitamin E that:

· Removes dark spots
· Reduces and gets rid of freckles, age spots and pimple marks
· Whitens skin
· Revives skin suppleness
· Nourishes skin to make skin look radiant and flawless


For Orders Please Call / Text:  +639989901225

Friday, August 07, 2015


I have lots of friend who are drivers.   Quite a number of them drive vehicles to earn for a living.   And some also drive their own cars for their comfort and needs.  Those who drove to earn for a living said “they are just a simple driver.”   They tend to put themselves down, but they don’t realize that they were given a PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE in order for them to serve the public.  

They forgot driving is not just a mere simple task, driving is a SKILL.
As an observation nowadays, many people learn how to drive by following what they saw, some learn by non-formal hands on driving and some learn through driving schools.

In order to have good driving skills you need to learn the basic controls.  Here are some basic examples like the proper hand grip of the steering wheel must be relax, left hand must be on the 10 o’clock and the right hand on the 2 o’clock position, proper maneuvering your hands must meet at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position.  On the pedals your right foot must be in between the break and the accelerator for easy movement when breaking or resuming speed.  The triangular window has purpose also when doing parking, turning left and right and so on and more driving controls.
I don’t have to explain it all.   I remember my father who is my teacher.   He always mentioned before sitting behind the wheel,  always remember the BLOWBAGS which means to check first the Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Break, Air of the tires, Gas and Safety Belt.

My first experience taking the full control of the vehicle I had butterflies in my stomach.   The first time I drove going uphill when changing gear from 4th to 3rd gear; it suddenly entered to the 1st gear shift.   All of the sudden the engine roared when it reached to low speed at once and the wheels dragged.  I was so shocked.   I thought I broke the whole vehicle.
Beware all hazards on the road vehicles, animals and people incoming, crossing, and on standby to prevent accident and danger.

Once you learn all the driving lessons and pass the required exams you are now ready to drive behind the wheel.  When I started driving, I was so eager, excited and comfortable when there is someone (who is a driver) to accompany me and telling me what to do.  I also drove with passengers who don’t know how to drive but still I’m comfortable and I found comfort in them.  The day I started driving all by myself, I felt so nervous.  I long to hear from someone to tell me do this and do that.  But I told myself to go on my own.   And always remember the safety precautionary measures in driving.  Driving lesson is a continuous process.  It won’t stop when you are behind the wheel.
Financial Freedom is like driving as well.  When you don’t know how to drive your finances, you will bump or fall into the pit of DEBT.   Many of us are employed.   Employment is not wrong.   It benefits many individuals to feed their families.   If you are happy and satisfied with your employment,  do your best and be a blessing to your employer and your co-employer. 

If the question is, you need additional income because you have a bigger family to feed, their shelter, children are growing,  provide better education, extended families, support for your parents,  a dream house of your own, maybe cars also and of course your savings, investments and retirement that will support you without asking help from your children in the future.  Or if you don’t have any job or source of income maybe we can help your needs.  Let’stalk we might be able to help you.

Just like doing Royale.  Before takeoff you should learn all the basics.   We don’t allow you to go out without proper trainings.   Know what the company all about.   You are not force to join if you think it will not help you.  Do the learning and trainings before reaching your dreams and goals.  Do not go driving without basic lessons, you must learn first. 

So many people would say  “pagkakakitaan lang tayo jan” (they would take advantage of us) when in fact they have not known what is all about or they will say “Alam Ko Na Yan” (AKNY) (I know it already).  It’s very ironic when this person telling me this keep on complaining about his employer about his company that his salary is not enough,  he has no increase, he has full of debts.  Complaining is the escape goat of those who are financially broke.

Doing Royale is hard.   Do not think it’s easy.   You have to learn the basic steps. But in all the hard work we do, this is the easiest way to reach for your financial freedom, goals and dreams if you do it right.

Just like driving at night, you cannot see ahead of you because it’s so dark.  You just depend where your head light reach.   But by believing that by moving forward you will see the road ahead of you until you reach your desired destination.  By faith and believing in yourself that you may reach your goals by moving forward without stopping you will reach your destiny.

If you see the image it explains very clearly how we do in Royale.

Educational attainment is not a requirement, the basic requirement is your deepest WHY in life what 
are your goals and dreams.

Want to know how? Want to be one of us?  PM now.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Sa isang taon ko nagsi-share ng bawat tao ibat ibang stado sa buhay at karanasan sa kanilang pagsisikap para lang mapakain ang kaninlang bawat pamilya, mapag-aral and kanilang mga anak, mapagamot ang kanilang mahal sa buhay na meron karamdaman.

Sa bawat kwento ng kanilang buhay eto aking natuklasan at nagdurugo ang puso ko.

✓ Isang emplayado ng isang grocery hawak nya ang isang display rack nakaligtaan lang nya ma pull out ang produkto na nag expire buong buo naka charge sa kanya mahigit P 15,000.00 halos dalawang buwan sahod na yon.

✓Isang kaibigan nagtatabraho bilang customer attendant mula alas 8:00 AM hanggang 12:00 midnight sumasahod lang ng P2,000.00. Hindi sya maka alis alis dahil wala din syang mapasukan na iba kasi wala din syang natapos sa pag aaral.

✓OFW nurse kapwa Filipino pinag iinitan sya kasi masigpag sya magtrabaho nagustuhan ng amo, hinahapan sya nga mali para magalit kanyang amo at napilitan nalang syang magresign para umiwas sa gulo.

✓Kapos sa sahod, pilit patuloy ngsumikap di ko ma imagine paano nya tinatawid ang kanyang pamilya na baon na baon na sya sa utang, kung meron emergency lalo na karamdaman kung saan saan humagilap ng pera para lang maipag
amot ang mahal sa buhay.

Ito ay iilan lang na mapait na karanasan sa mga naka usap ko, kahit mahirap pilit pinipikit ang mga mata kasi hirap sa buhay para lang meron mapakain sa kanilang pamilya.
Sa bawat kwento ng buhay nila sumasabay ang pagpatak ng luha
kung may pag asa paba sa kanilang buhay.

Meron muling nabuhay at sumigla at sinisikap abutin muli ang kanilang mga pangarap, at meron din dahil sa kanilang kahirapan sinisisi nalang nila sa kahit sino sino dahil naghirap sila.
Kaibigan kung nagbabasa ka ngayon nito, saan kaba sa kanila nahalingtulad? Nasa iyo ngayon ang napakalaking desisyon sa buhay na baguhin eto at tuparin at abutin ang gusto mo maabot.
Matagal kana bang nagdadasal para matupad ang mga gusto mo? Baka dami na panahon na tinatawag ka ng Panginoon pero ma pride kaparin, subukan mo lang makinig baka sakali yan na ang sagot nga hinihiling mo.

Kung kapos ka dagdag mo lang eto sinishare ko wala naman sinasabi na iwanan mo trabaho mo, meron kabang 3-4 hours a week? Pasok ka. Kung matapos mo mapakinggang at nakita mo na di mo gusto walang problema walang pilitan.

Me pag asa pa, tulungan po tayo. God bless you always.


Call +639989901225

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Naexperience nyo na po ba malaki ang value mo sa isang bagay? Kahit lumang luma na eto pero ayaw mong bitawan o itapon kasi napamahal kana nito kahit di mo rin ginagamit.
Ang larawan na nyan isang Passenger Jeepney na bumuhay sa amin noon kami ay nag aaral pa kami tatlong magkakapatid. Binili nila mag asawa ng amo ni papa Mr. and Mrs. Isidoro Lubguban para meron syang hanap buhay. Dito lahat naming kinukuha lahat ng pangaga-ilangan namin sa araw araw, si papa ko ng mamanihu nito. Dahil hindi eto bago kadalasan lagi meron sira minsan uuwi sya sa bahay walang kita kasi di bumabyahi at sya na rin nag kukumpuni nito kasi expert si papa ko sa ibat ibang klasing makina at kahit body building. God is good kasi it’s a blessing yong amo nya super bait binibigyan din sya ng pera kahit papaano kung walang byahe at kung ano ano pa katulad ng bigas at ulam.

Dumating sa punto na sinubok ni papa ko magfarming sa bukidnon baka sakali umangat ang buhay, mabigat sa loob iiwanan nya kanyang amo. Pero hindi sya ngtagumpay sa farming kasi mahal ang mga inputs at mura ang bintahan ng kanyang harvest. Bumalik si papa ko sa amo nya para bumisita, ang sabi ng amo nya, mula noon araw na iniwanan nya ang jeepney kasama personal na pera nila ay naubos sa maintenance. Kaya sabi ng amo na ibibinta nalang yong jeepney kasi nalulugi sila, sabi ng papa ko NAGBABASAKALI ako nalang sana bibili nyan sir at maam pero wala naman akong pera pambayad nyan. Sagot ng among lalaki by all means bring that jeepney to your home. “Nagbibiro ka naman sir” sabi ni papa ko, yes dalhin mo yan payable when able binili namin yan para sayo, kaya magiging sayo yan. Indeed God is so good all the time, di pa po nabayaran kalahati ang jeepney pinalipat na sa pangalan ni papa ang registration nabayaran in full sa loob ng limang taon walang interest. That Jeepney was doing great, at nadagdagan pa eto ng isa pa hangang kasalukuyang taon.

Isang araw meron taong di ko lang ma explain ang ugali, umagang umaga galit na galit sya sa papa ko dahil daw mausok ang mga sasakyan sa tagal na nakaparada ang jeep biglang nag eskandalo, magdedemanda aw sya at kung ano ano pang sinasabi. Hiyang hiya papa ko sa mga kapit bahay meron na siyang edad pinagsisigawan sya ng masbata pa sa kanya.

To cut the story short ayaw na papa ko ng gulo at meron kaaway my father decided to dispose his 2 unit jeepneys’. Ang pagdidisisyon ng buong pamilya mahirap, ayaw naming bitawan ang isang bagay na bumuhay sa amin sa mahabang panahon hanggang kasalukuyan, masakit at nakakapanghinayang.. Naghahalong takot at kaba papano nalang ang pang araw araw na pangagailangan ng magulang ko at meron pang malaking utang na di pa bayad.

Thanks be to God he really works in so many MYSTERIOS WAYS, meron fall back si papa, NAGBAKASAKALI na naman, sabi ko sa pamilya naming tulungan tayo lets do ROYALE, di kana mapapagud sa pag kumpuni ng mga makina ma stress sa mga drivers at sa kapitbahay na laging galit.
Just doing ROYALE true enough meron talaga resulta basta trabahuin mo lang, kumita si papa the following week hindi naman po pinagmamayabang sobrang saya lang kami sa resulta. Tulungan lang naman po eto, walang pressures, walang time frames at walang quota.

Pero ok lang naman kaibigan, kung masaya ka sa ginagawa mo at umasenso ka lalo sa ginagawa mo patuloy nyo lang po. Pero kung darating ang panahon makapagdisisyon Karin na pakinggan mo papalinawanag namin sa inyo sabihin mo lang, simply lang naman eto 3-5 years pag seryoso ka sa pangarap mo meron talagang resulta.

Gusto mo ng Financial Freedom, gusto mo malaman papaano? 
Please call:  +639989901225

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


While I was lining up towards an ATM Machine with many people patiently waiting for their turn, ahead of me kept on trying to do balance inquiry but it looks like nothing has been credited to his account. I could read on his face so much disappointment and worries he withdraw nothing while his little child looking at him.

In the grocery while I’m next in line to pay one lady ran out of cash from her wallet she sorted out goodies prioritizing what should be eliminated and pick those items for Noche Buena.

Other occasion in the RTW I saw a child holding his money to buy a pair of shoes, searching for the cheapest price and looking at his cash on hand.

My heart really bleed and empathized those individuals they work so hard yet their cash were not enough for their needs.

My friends, brothers and sisters are you experiencing those kind of scenarios in life? Do you want this to happen with your children in the future? Do you have still dreams in life for your children and family?

Are you willing to spend 2 - 3 hours a week to have some extra income at least P2,000.00/week to address the scarcity of your cash?

If yes let’s talk and PM me. Call / Text: 09989901225

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Girl

Excitement always remembered
First day I saw you in one corner
Eyes stared with sweet smile prompted me
Like a sweet melodies coming back that has been lost in me

I’ve been oblivious about my feelings
Cares nothing but myself, career and family
Happy go lucky where ever I will be;
No one would tell me someone is waiting for me

Those words you said “are you okey”?
The touched of your hand on my shoulders
goodies you’ve given to me seems’ am having fantasies
Sweetness of you were making me ecstasies

When you say for the first time “you miss me”
With affectionate word “you take care”
Can’t help to think is this a reality?
Thoughts of you keep taunting me

I prayed, asking guidance to my moves
Resisting my feelings, craziness that droves
I was distorted and lost persistence
And even temper conquered my patience

Many were asking if you are my girl
I can’t answer those expectations for real
Out of the blue when I less expected it, in a certain reel

You said: “from now on, I will be your girl and always be your girl”…

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