Tuesday, December 23, 2014


While I was lining up towards an ATM Machine with many people patiently waiting for their turn, ahead of me kept on trying to do balance inquiry but it looks like nothing has been credited to his account. I could read on his face so much disappointment and worries he withdraw nothing while his little child looking at him.

In the grocery while I’m next in line to pay one lady ran out of cash from her wallet she sorted out goodies prioritizing what should be eliminated and pick those items for Noche Buena.

Other occasion in the RTW I saw a child holding his money to buy a pair of shoes, searching for the cheapest price and looking at his cash on hand.

My heart really bleed and empathized those individuals they work so hard yet their cash were not enough for their needs.

My friends, brothers and sisters are you experiencing those kind of scenarios in life? Do you want this to happen with your children in the future? Do you have still dreams in life for your children and family?

Are you willing to spend 2 - 3 hours a week to have some extra income at least P2,000.00/week to address the scarcity of your cash?

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Girl

Excitement always remembered
First day I saw you in one corner
Eyes stared with sweet smile prompted me
Like a sweet melodies coming back that has been lost in me

I’ve been oblivious about my feelings
Cares nothing but myself, career and family
Happy go lucky where ever I will be;
No one would tell me someone is waiting for me

Those words you said “are you okey”?
The touched of your hand on my shoulders
goodies you’ve given to me seems’ am having fantasies
Sweetness of you were making me ecstasies

When you say for the first time “you miss me”
With affectionate word “you take care”
Can’t help to think is this a reality?
Thoughts of you keep taunting me

I prayed, asking guidance to my moves
Resisting my feelings, craziness that droves
I was distorted and lost persistence
And even temper conquered my patience

Many were asking if you are my girl
I can’t answer those expectations for real
Out of the blue when I less expected it, in a certain reel

You said: “from now on, I will be your girl and always be your girl”…

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I got birthday greetings from a special friend who is outside the country at about 12:03AM December 25, 2010, she forwarded her message to her sister and her sister forwarded it to me.

Specially Composed for twitart

Today is your natal day, the day were God gave you the gift of life. The time your parents experiences NIRVANA of your existence. This is the day your relatives and siblings rejoiced. Always remember you are so special, not only to your love ones but for all the people who love you for who you are. You are indeed a gift, a blessing, the masterpiece of the heavenly father.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ornamental Flowers can not be eaten

Last December 6, 2009 I went to Tagbilaran City, Bohol, I was invited for dinner by our Area Manager in the Mall in a nice simple pastry and restaurant. They have different native products out from Honey Bees. They bake bread, cakes with honey, bee pollens and all honey bee product. It is really nice and cool place.

So I ordered food with salad, what amazed me so much was the salad was very nice presentation with decorations of Vagounvilla and cosmos flowers. After all these years I used to play and make some arts in school with those flowers where it grows everywhere in my province. It’s my first time to eat those flowers and it’s good.

According to them they explained that all plants and flowers where honey bees gather nectar's & flower pollens can be eaten and safe. God really make so many mysterious ways.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Is 2010 A Challenging Year ?

Whowwwwwwww!!! It's 2010 another new beginning, there so many plans and dreams that were not achieve, wondering if it would be the right time to pus true.

There are so many apprehensions in my mind thinking those opportunities that are in vain. I made up my mind to set focus on those things that are deliverable and realistic.

Hope I would be able to reach these quests.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Sound silly but amazing!

August 7, 2009

Around 9:45 this morning, I went to the comfort room to relieve myself. I noticed the door was not lock and not completely closed, I just knocked and somebody responded from the inside. So later I followed and got in, closed the door properly and locked it so that I won’t be disturbed.

When I’m done, I unlock and opened the door but I can’t, I was stuck inside. I said this some kind of a joke in me today. I don’t want to let everybody know that I was trapped inside the comfort room. What I did was:

First Attempt: I tried to pull it out with all my strength but not even a single millimeter moved. I planned to climb up just to get out on the next door but I’m sure it is very dusty.

Second Attempt: Another attempt were made to open it anchored my one leg to the concrete walling but nothing happen.

Third Attempt: I used to leave my cell phone on my desk when I’m in the office; But I brought with me the two cell phones. So I tried to text for help sent many messages to my Cambodian friend Rada, (who has special mission project, because he is around in the office that time) good for me that there was signal because before there was none. But its about 10 minutes passed no one came.

Fourth Attempt: I really don’t want to yell outside because everybody will know. But no choice so I shouted out to those in the kitchen nearby so that I will be heard, but still no one heard me. No one really knows I’m stuck in there.

Fifth Attempt: Started to removing one pin of “bisagra” which hold the door and door jam in that swings the door, but I was reluctant to remove everything because I will be spending more time returning it back after.

Sixth Attempt: I tried texting to my co-employee Allen Krystel (our admin staff in I.T. Department), using my suncel but I got no signal, I can’t text her with my globe either because it is registered only to unlitext globe.

Seventh Attempt: Wow! Seven (7) my favorite and perfect number. I just raised a short prayer, and said “Lord please help me to open this door”. Indeed when I pulled it out again for the last time the door were open smoothly, it seemed somebody pushing outside I did not even exerted more effort to open it and God does pushed it for me. (Thank you Lord!!!). Silly but amazing, God is always there even you are stuck in comfort room.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Internet Connection

Last Monday when I went to the office for work I supposed to take my rest after our General Assembly in Boracay Island. But I was thinking of my work to be done in the field.

Our internet connection was down, one foreigner guest asked me if he could have the wifi access, I told him that the internet connection was down, later one by one my co-employees were asking what happen to the internet connection.

I realized that, on this digital age people seem could live without internet. What will happen if one day or two internet is down? I guess it has a big impact on economic crisis.