Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Girl

Excitement always remembered
First day I saw you in one corner
Eyes stared with sweet smile prompted me
Like a sweet melodies coming back that has been lost in me

I’ve been oblivious about my feelings
Cares nothing but myself, career and family
Happy go lucky where ever I will be;
No one would tell me someone is waiting for me

Those words you said “are you okey”?
The touched of your hand on my shoulders
goodies you’ve given to me seems’ am having fantasies
Sweetness of you were making me ecstasies

When you say for the first time “you miss me”
With affectionate word “you take care”
Can’t help to think is this a reality?
Thoughts of you keep taunting me

I prayed, asking guidance to my moves
Resisting my feelings, craziness that droves
I was distorted and lost persistence
And even temper conquered my patience

Many were asking if you are my girl
I can’t answer those expectations for real
Out of the blue when I less expected it, in a certain reel

You said: “from now on, I will be your girl and always be your girl”…

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