Tuesday, December 23, 2014


While I was lining up towards an ATM Machine with many people patiently waiting for their turn, ahead of me kept on trying to do balance inquiry but it looks like nothing has been credited to his account. I could read on his face so much disappointment and worries he withdraw nothing while his little child looking at him.

In the grocery while I’m next in line to pay one lady ran out of cash from her wallet she sorted out goodies prioritizing what should be eliminated and pick those items for Noche Buena.

Other occasion in the RTW I saw a child holding his money to buy a pair of shoes, searching for the cheapest price and looking at his cash on hand.

My heart really bleed and empathized those individuals they work so hard yet their cash were not enough for their needs.

My friends, brothers and sisters are you experiencing those kind of scenarios in life? Do you want this to happen with your children in the future? Do you have still dreams in life for your children and family?

Are you willing to spend 2 - 3 hours a week to have some extra income at least P2,000.00/week to address the scarcity of your cash?

If yes let’s talk and PM me. Call / Text: 09989901225

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