Saturday, February 18, 2017


I traveled from Maragusan, Compostela Valley, then I drop by in San Vicente, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur to visit and have business meeting with the Cooperative Manager last February 16, 2017.

After my meeting, I took an air condition bus bound for Butuan City.   I saw this tall and elderly man with no one beside him.   He looks like an Indian man.  I asked him in visayan language “naa ba kay tapad sir?”  (Is somebody setting beside you sir?) He just responded with sign language to take a sit and I said, thank you.

Without a word, the person next to me looks so serious and doesn’t seem to smile.  I am apprehensive to talk to him from Prosperidad.   And finally this man broke his silence and asked me what place is this?  I replied, this is Bayugan City sir and he got his notebook with a list pointing Bayugan.  Then he asked me again,  how many hours from here to Butuan City?  I told him it’s about an hour.  By the way his name is HARVEY.

So I started to ask him where he came from?   He answered,  I’m from South Africa.  And he traveled from General Santos City, Davao City and now he is bound to Butuan City, then CDO, Ilo-ilo and Manila.  I asked him, what are you doing here, sir?  He said,  I’m here for 2 months’ vacation in the Philippines.  I love the Philippines.  It is a beautiful place.  He is already 63 years old, enjoying his life after retirement.

He then asked me about my work.  I told him,  I am working in National Confederation of Cooperative it is a Federation.  We have plenty of coop members served with our Savings and Credit Information Technology System.  I also told him,  I do part time business.   I’m an International Distributor Royale and our company has a branch also in your place in Nigeria Africa.  He replied, oh that’s great!  He added,  just be careful there are lots of crook also in Africa.

We talked about politics and about our new President Rodrigo Duterte.  Based on my observation, he is a wide reader man.  He seems to know a lot of things.  He then further asks me, what I do aside from my job and part time business?  I told him, we help people also to plan for their future and for their retirement thru Savings and Investments in stock market.  He was fascinated.  He asked me a couple of questions, how we do it?  How we manage it?  And asked me, if I have my own, I told him yes.   I manage my small portfolio just to know what is going on the stock market.

As our conversation goes, I assume that this old retired man sitting next to me is a millionaire guy.  He told me,  I do the same stock market business.  I just asked you how it works in the Philippines.  The way he talks, he still does business now, but enjoying traveling from time to time.

I was glad to met him and shared some ideas.   I learned a lot from him.  He gave me lots of tips in doing business.  We parted ways in Butuan City and I gave him instructions how to take a tricycle to his hotel.

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