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I have lots of friend who are drivers.   Quite a number of them drive vehicles to earn for a living.   And some also drive their own cars for their comfort and needs.  Those who drove to earn for a living said “they are just a simple driver.”   They tend to put themselves down, but they don’t realize that they were given a PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS LICENSE in order for them to serve the public.  

They forgot driving is not just a mere simple task, driving is a SKILL.
As an observation nowadays, many people learn how to drive by following what they saw, some learn by non-formal hands on driving and some learn through driving schools.

In order to have good driving skills you need to learn the basic controls.  Here are some basic examples like the proper hand grip of the steering wheel must be relax, left hand must be on the 10 o’clock and the right hand on the 2 o’clock position, proper maneuvering your hands must meet at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position.  On the pedals your right foot must be in between the break and the accelerator for easy movement when breaking or resuming speed.  The triangular window has purpose also when doing parking, turning left and right and so on and more driving controls.
I don’t have to explain it all.   I remember my father who is my teacher.   He always mentioned before sitting behind the wheel,  always remember the BLOWBAGS which means to check first the Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Break, Air of the tires, Gas and Safety Belt.

My first experience taking the full control of the vehicle I had butterflies in my stomach.   The first time I drove going uphill when changing gear from 4th to 3rd gear; it suddenly entered to the 1st gear shift.   All of the sudden the engine roared when it reached to low speed at once and the wheels dragged.  I was so shocked.   I thought I broke the whole vehicle.
Beware all hazards on the road vehicles, animals and people incoming, crossing, and on standby to prevent accident and danger.

Once you learn all the driving lessons and pass the required exams you are now ready to drive behind the wheel.  When I started driving, I was so eager, excited and comfortable when there is someone (who is a driver) to accompany me and telling me what to do.  I also drove with passengers who don’t know how to drive but still I’m comfortable and I found comfort in them.  The day I started driving all by myself, I felt so nervous.  I long to hear from someone to tell me do this and do that.  But I told myself to go on my own.   And always remember the safety precautionary measures in driving.  Driving lesson is a continuous process.  It won’t stop when you are behind the wheel.
Financial Freedom is like driving as well.  When you don’t know how to drive your finances, you will bump or fall into the pit of DEBT.   Many of us are employed.   Employment is not wrong.   It benefits many individuals to feed their families.   If you are happy and satisfied with your employment,  do your best and be a blessing to your employer and your co-employer. 

If the question is, you need additional income because you have a bigger family to feed, their shelter, children are growing,  provide better education, extended families, support for your parents,  a dream house of your own, maybe cars also and of course your savings, investments and retirement that will support you without asking help from your children in the future.  Or if you don’t have any job or source of income maybe we can help your needs.  Let’stalk we might be able to help you.

Just like doing Royale.  Before takeoff you should learn all the basics.   We don’t allow you to go out without proper trainings.   Know what the company all about.   You are not force to join if you think it will not help you.  Do the learning and trainings before reaching your dreams and goals.  Do not go driving without basic lessons, you must learn first. 

So many people would say  “pagkakakitaan lang tayo jan” (they would take advantage of us) when in fact they have not known what is all about or they will say “Alam Ko Na Yan” (AKNY) (I know it already).  It’s very ironic when this person telling me this keep on complaining about his employer about his company that his salary is not enough,  he has no increase, he has full of debts.  Complaining is the escape goat of those who are financially broke.

Doing Royale is hard.   Do not think it’s easy.   You have to learn the basic steps. But in all the hard work we do, this is the easiest way to reach for your financial freedom, goals and dreams if you do it right.

Just like driving at night, you cannot see ahead of you because it’s so dark.  You just depend where your head light reach.   But by believing that by moving forward you will see the road ahead of you until you reach your desired destination.  By faith and believing in yourself that you may reach your goals by moving forward without stopping you will reach your destiny.

If you see the image it explains very clearly how we do in Royale.

Educational attainment is not a requirement, the basic requirement is your deepest WHY in life what 
are your goals and dreams.

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