Thursday, May 25, 2006

Online Remittances

According to the results of the researched made with the ICT@COOP trainee yesterday regarding e-commerce payment, I found out that Western Union is most efficient in sending payment worldwide, it has been established since 1871 in just a matter of 1 minute the payment will reach to the payee, however using it for local remittances it has an expensive cost P65.00 per send P500.00. But on the other hand Globe GCash and SMART padala they have lesser charges at P10.00 per P1,000.00 in just a matter of one minute also the money is sent. With these services you can use your own cell phone as your wallet. The problem with GCash and SMART padala if the payee doesn’t know how to use it or how register, or doesn’t have any cell phone they could not avail those type of payment.

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