Wednesday, May 24, 2006

E-commerce online shopping

I visited was a type of ecommerce a one stop shop, anything you need you can have it online. E.g. RTW, PC’s, Sportswear, household items and more, you can have it just doing shopping in your own home and using your credit card.

One thing I noticed in amazon their text in upper menu is very small but in fairness they have good tab on other product categories will puff up when you point the mouse on it.

It seems the webpage is very congested some of the product maybe bypass, by the customers.

The other website that I visited was it is also ecommerce one stop shop, but they have also other services other than things can be bought from the malls they have also Credit Cards, Long Distance, Mortgage, Real Estate, Tickets and Travels. So if you only need those services you can just have it online.

The webpage is good not cluttered well balance.

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