Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cooperative Not Possible online Marketing and Social Networking

Discussions on marketing, traditional way of doing always in my mindset, to my surprised I was able to learn on the easiest way through online marketing and social networking which is one of the module in ICT@COOP training, conducted by Ms. Janette Toral, owner of website.

I could hardly believe in just a matter of 2 days creating my blogspot I noticed that somebody had access my account from other countries. Now I realized that the fast money earning in today’s era is through online marketing and social networking.

Since the cooperative organization’s aiming high to maximize the use of Information Technology and build Business Development Centers (BDC) as part of advancing its technology from day to day operations. I’ve thinking that it’s not possible, cooperative e-commerce is now at hand.

Cooperatives have been gaze down to many individuals that it’s a dole out system. Cooperative teaches its member to be thrift and a habit of savings. Many individual members, who were able to expand their businesses through the cooperative support by availing loans.

The NATCCO Network is one of the biggest cooperative federations in the entire Philippines which its affiliate’s primary coops having an asset raging from 5 Millions to 300 Millions and majority are serving Savings and Credit operations.

With these online marketing and social networking 3 to 5 years from now, cooperatives will be able to be in partners with commercials banks through ATM online payments and online transactions local and international.

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