Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ICT@COOP Train the Trainors

ICT@COOP Train the Trainors’ was a very challenging experience that I encountered, indeed I never expect among the many who aspired at eleventh hour I was chosen to be one of the participant among the 60 participants in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. The training has a great demand for trainors’ in the field of Information Technology in the cooperatives.
There can be no words to express my appreciation and proud to be trained in ICT@COOP, that was the greatest opportunity in my life and my career. I learned a lot, I learned also simple things that I never noticed from day to day usage in computer applications.
Learning’s achieved not only from the discussions but, through sharing of my co-participants.
ICT@COOP training my dreams has been fulfilled to acquire knowledge and skills about Information Technology.
Learning will not end in the training room but, will continue through our personal studies to gain and enhance our knowledge.
I would like to acknowledge those who made ICT@COOP training been successful; INWENT, NATCCO, AWCF, PBSP, ITS, ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY and My Supervisor and Boss. Most of all, to God be the glory because He never fails to protect, to guide, give all the participants and instructors good health, strength, knowledge and wisdoms. To the silent people behind the scene the NATCCO Hostel staff who prepared our daily provisions and lodging.
To my co-participants thank you very much I learned a lot everyone of you in many simple way.
May our cooperative endeavors be bless and succeed.
Since the 4 months and a half training inevitably have come to an end, the battle of the trainors’ to face new challenges to replicate to the cooperatives, we had not concluded yet, but we had only just begun.

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