Friday, December 07, 2007

it at coops takes a big lift

It’s been two years it@coops culminated 100 days training participated with Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Promotions to replicate the skills and knowledge acquired with the IT Specialist.

When we first organized training the impressions of the co-op managers is that, their staff knows already about Microsoft Office Operations and other computer applications. We were able to have first training in the North Luzon on Microsoft Office Excel. One General Manager sent her staff to the training and re-echo of what she had learned, she commented that she regretted for not attended herself on the training. From then on when we invite their co-ops for it@coops training she always send 2 or 3 participants.

It@coops dreams take a big lift and have come to reality. As of today a lot of managers and Board of Directors are requesting to conduct it@coops training in their respective cooperative. We are looking forward for next years plans and strategies to share the skills and knowledge imparted to us as IT Specialist.

I have 4 years old niece, who always disturbs me when am working on my computer; she holds the mouse, press the keyboard and even the power button. What I did was to give her a time for herself to play on the computer. I taught her in paint and draw in it, when am home she always ask me that she will draw in the PC and we taught here determining the letters on the keys. To my surprised when I went home from manila, she already knows how to start the computer and log-in her password and shutdown and she knows to play her puzzle game.

It’s a big challenge to all of us IT specialists "we can do it", with due respect of Cong. Guillermo Cua said ARISE, I may translate it Achieve, Regional, IT@coops, Soar for Excellence.

Thank you very AWCF, Invent Germany, One World, NATCCO, C.U.L.T., FORMASI and to the co-operatives who have full support with this endeavor you made a great move.

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