Thursday, January 29, 2009

A text message would never be the same again....

Couple years ago I was so bored, I entered in MIRC chat room just parking then. A young lady sent me a private message she was 17 years young. We just had a chit chat sharing any ideas and question and answers. She shared her yahoo messenger and added her in my list. After that little time we talked everything has been forgotten.

Years gone by early 2008, when I opened my email I received an invitation to friendster it came from Ashley Fernandez. I just added her quick and send her my gratitude for the invitation and asked her yahoo messenger again. What I did was to send her an offline messages. We were able to talk again in ym and often times we communicated only thru offline messages then I ask her cellphone number. When I had the opportunity to text her I send her some quotes. She tells me what is doing, doing their assignments and projects and hanging out with her friends.

My phone beeped, that was November 5, 2008 and the message was and I quote “Kuya I am leaving for New York Next Month” I thought it was just a joke text because I used to received some jokes like that. I asked her for what reason? She told me that she is going to have her medication, Leukemia Stage 4 Cancer. That moment it seems my world was crushed down knowing a young woman who is very lively but beneath that manifestation she has been suffering tremendously.

I asked her if I could make a call, but she is in the hospital and not allowed to have phone calls. I am so bothered for her, so I just text her if she do believe that Jesus Christ is her Great Doctor, Mighty Physician and Powerful Healer; and asked her if she will accept Jesus Christ as her personal savior her Lord and Master. She replied “with all my heart I will accept Him”. I just send a prayer request all throughout the Philippines for her healing. After that I never received any text from her she left for New York.

One night when I opened my friendster account and it struck me in her account was that “goodbye Manhattan, New York and Farewell”. It was her cousin who posted on that shout out, she rested peacefully with the Lord December 8, 2008.

I just can’t hold back the tears that falls from my eyes, ASHLEY FERNANDEZ (21 years old) that I met had been part of my life’s journey. Although I am so sad of her lost, for me she is victorious in her life with the Lord. Because she surrender her life to God in spite of all the pain that she been through.

Ashley, you are so precious in the Lords heart, God be with you till we meet again.

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